Monday, September 27, 2010

Being frugal for your home

Being frugal is always in the forefront of the mind of a home maker, and lately I have been trying my hand at refinishing furniture. My husband is something of an estate sale nut, and he is often coming home with little treasures for our home. I took an old coffee table stripped it, refinished it, and turned it into a beautiful tv stand. Just this last week, I took on another project ~ Kitchen chairs. I actually bought these on craigslist. I bought 5 old country looking chairs and spent a week refinishing them for our kitchen. This is what I started with:

Unfortunately, these chairs didn't work at all in my kitchen. But the price was right!! So, I set to work. I went off to the hardware store and came home with everything I needed. Stripper, sand paper, spray paint, stain, and sealer.

The hardest part was taping off the seats of the chairs! after several days of painting and letting paint dry, I was able to bring something beautiful and charming into my home. For about what I would have spent on one new chair, I got five!

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