Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's for dinner?

Picture it:
It's twenty after five and you are standing in the kitchen staring into the open refrigerator hoping that something fabulous will appear before you. We've all been there, and it's terrible. Kids screaming because they are hungry, and you have NO IDEA what to give them. So, you start thinking... Cheese puffs? Ice cream? Happy Meal?

So, what's for dinner? If yo don't decide soon, the scene in the kitchen will turn into something like this:

With a little pre planning you can solve this problem, and probably save a little money, too. Taking a few minutes to plan a weekly menu can save hours of heartache later in the week (It also makes for happy well fed husbands).

I usually do my shopping on Friday afternoon. So, I spend a few minutes every Thursday making a plan for the following week. Choosing recipes in advance allows me to add any needed ingredients to my shopping list, and prevents last minute runs to the store during the week. I pick 6 recipes, leaving one night for leftovers or pizza, and add them to the menu. It's nothing set in stone, and can easily be changed to meet the daily needs of the family, but I always have an idea of what to make.

By planning ahead of time, I avoid the blank stares into the fridge, and I'm able to feed my family a nice home cooked meal... Before 8:30.

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