Friday, October 8, 2010

A hand up for modesty ~The Winkee

Plunging neck lines. It seems like they are becoming more and more of a problem for those of us who choose to keep ourselves covered for the Lord, or whatever reason. I know that my husband would not appreciate me showing myself off to every man I meet, and I have always taken measures to make sure I am adequately covered. However, There are times when it is so hot, or you have to wear something formal, when a tee shirt under your regular shirt is just inappropriate. Enter Winkee!
I found this nifty little number on another blog that I follow. I decided to give it a shot, and boy am I glad that I did! It's called a Winkee, and it's a little piece of fabric that attaches right to your bra and covers the space in between that all those deep v-neck shirts seem to accentuate. It looks like you have a shirt on underneith, but you don't have to deal with layers! Awesome!

It looks a little unorthodox, but I am so pleased with it!

It is shaped like a triangle with elongated points, and each of those wraps around a different place on your bra. At the end, It leaves you looking polished and covered! They come in several styles to match whatever look you're going for.
What a great trick!
I only have one issue. I am a rather large chested gal, and the straps aren't quite long enough for me. The little stickers it comes with are pulled too tight when I have it on, and they pop off. I just put a little velcro on those spots for a more permanent custom fit. Problem solved. I am SOO glad I bought these. I think I'll probably get a few more.
You can get one of your own by going to their website

When i bought them, they got lost in the mail. I contacted their customer service dept., and was treated wonderfully. They sent out a new order for me immediately. They were great. I actually think the package was sent back to them. But, there was no hassle at all. Good people.

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  1. Wow! What a neat idea! I have that problem too. I heard Joyce Meyer say one day that she never wants to be the reason another man sins in his heart so she always stays covered up. I think women these days aren't nearly as modest as they should be, even women in church. Thanks for posting about these!!