Monday, October 4, 2010

Homemade applesauce...An Adventure

Saturday our family went to Green Acre Farms to pick fall fruit. We picked some wonderful apples and raspberries. Crispin apples are my favorite, so we loaded up! We bought 50lbs!! I went with the intention of making apple sauce, so we bought plenty.

Next, we moved on to raspberries. I love to add flavors to my apple sauce, and raspberry is a great one! (we also love peach!)

If you have never been fruit picking with your family, it's a wonderful, inexpensive way to spend some family time. We do it quite often.I t also allows me to teach my children lessons in being frugal. Picking fruit is MUCH less expensive than buying it from the grocery store, and we get to take it home and make fun homemade treats! It makes for great together time.

When we get the apples home, it's time to peel and chop them. Then, into the crock pot for the rest of the day. The smell of apples cooking fills the house. It's wonderful, especially if you add cinnamon. mmm!

It takes about 4 hours on high for the apple sauce to cook down. Then, I add a little sugar, and pour it into jars for canning. If you are unsure of how to prepare jars for canning, make sure you boil jars and lids in a large pot for 10 minutes to kill any bacteria on the surfaces. If your dish washer has a sanitize cycle, that works well, too. After filling jars, wipe the tops with a wet paper towel to remove any food and ensure a good seal. Dry lids and secure them to the jars with rings. Process apple sauce in a water caner for 20 minutes (Don't start timing until water returns to a boil!). Please see this website for processing directions.

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  1. Thanks! They look great! What kind of apples did you pick?