Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hope For theFuture

Do you have a hope chest? For your daughters, I mean. Or what about your sons ( to present to their wives)? I have been saving things for my children since they were born. I want to make sure they have a few things that will help them get off to a good start after they marry. I spend time each day trying to help my daughters learn how to make a home for their future families, so I would love to be able to give them something on their wedding day that will help them do just that.
So far, I have collected an ornament for each of my children every year. If I keep going until they marry, I will be able to present them each with a nice collection of 20 or so ornaments to decorate their first tree.

I have a set of two fancy bone china cups and saucers for each
of them. I also have nice table linens. I want to make sure to include only things that won't go out of style, so I haven't bought any trendy decorations or accessories, only very traditional items that will last forever.

So what else to include? I am always on the lookout for little treasures I can put in. At the very least, I want to add some decorative frames with our best family photos, an afghan made by my grandmother, and a few pieces of nice china, maybe a tea pot.
I want them to have a good understanding of who they are and where they came from, so I want to make sure I include things that were important to family members that went before them. My grandmother took the time to make an afghan for each of her children and grandchildren. I want to make sure my children understand how precious they are. Then, of course, there are candle sticks, and mementos, and whatever else I deem appropriate. ...the list goes on.

Do you have a hope chest for your children? What's in it?


  1. I don't have an actual hope chest for either, although I do plan on getting one for my 7yo daughter as soon as I make the space for it. I had not thought of getting one for my 14yo son. I do have a trunk that was his father's (he passed away a few years ago) that I could use for him. Since both were babies, we also got them at least one Christmas ornament every year. They started picking their own when they were old enough. It's one of our holiday traditions to go buy the ornaments and have them personalized with their names and the year. Most years, the ornaments end up reflecting their interests at that time, so they will also be a nice reminder of their lives growing up, too. By the time they move out, they will both have a nice collection to start with. I also have sets of traditional glass ball ornaments that we don't use on our tree anymore now that our collection of other special ornaments has become too large. They will both be able to take some of those to fill out the rest of a tree.

    I have also set aside items that were their dad's that they will both be able to keep. I knit and crochet and have already made my son an afghan and have started one for my daughter. I also plan on making them each another one that would be more suitable for them when they are adults. I've kept special clothing, especially hand-made items, from when they were babies for them to have to pass on to their kids or just keep for sentimental reasons. And I plan on knitting/crocheting some layette sets for their children.

    I had not thought about including things like linens, but I might do that. It would be so much easier to invest in these things now as I can find deals on them rather than having all that expense at once when one of them moves out.

  2. What a great idea! I have a son so my hope chest will be a little different. I never thought of saving up things to give them. I'll think on that one!