Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Books have covers, or so we have been taught all our lives. We all pick books based on the picture on the cover, or lack there of, even though we've been taught not to.
"Don't judge a book by it's cover", right? It's something that even the smallest child knows...or has been told. But do we really take that to heart? It's not always so easy, especially with people we have just met.
Everyone has a cover, whether it be conservative~ modest and gentle, or wild~ crazy and boisterous.
When we meet a new person, our first impression of them is what we tend to base our opinion on. But, is that who they truly are? Do we judge too quickly, without taking the time to learn about them? ~who they are, how they live? I think many times we do. I think we are master cover judgers, and probably miss out on knowing some pretty incredible people.

As some of you know, I went this weekend to Niagara Falls to bury my Aunt Cossie. While I was there, I met a whole other side of my extended family that I had never before had the pleasure of knowing. Unfortunately, because of my own cover judging, I almost missed out on one family member in particular~ a real pistol.

I didn't realize that when I made my first decisions about this person, I didn't really give them a chance. I decided right from one of our first encounters that I didn't like them, and wanted nothing to do with them. However, because of a accidental wonderful mix up while we were walking at the Falls, I got another chance to make a much more educated decision about this person. I'm so glad I did. What I found beneath this cover, which is so different from mine, was an incredible, fun, outgoing person who I am really wishing I had spent more time with. I missed out on an opportunity to hear an incredible story, which I'm sure I would have loved, had I simply opened the cover before I set it back down.
I took a good lesson from all this, though. I know now that despite it's cover, every book tells a story well worth reading.


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