Thursday, November 18, 2010

Do you know where your dining room table is?

Are you sure? Take a peek in the dining room. Do you see it, or is it buried under a bunch of stuff that has been piling up since Easter? I know in my house, the dining room table seems to be the place that everyone drops things they are finished with. I can't tell you how many times a day I walk through there and have to grab some little something and put it away. I'm fortunate because I have a house with a circular floor plan, and we often walk through the dining room on our way to another area of the house. It's easy for me to keep it clean, because I'm in there all the time. Some of us, however, have dining rooms off to one side of the house, and we really only go in there when we have a formal dinner ( or when we need to stash something out of the way).
With the holiday coming up next week, it's time to find those tables!!

Take a few minutes and go in there with a grocery store bag. Start by tossing anything that you don't need to keep, (like newspapers from July).

Go back in there and grab the things that have another home in the house. Take them out of the dining room and put them away.

Hit that dining room with some furniture polish and a soft cloth. Don't forget the bottoms of the chairs!
... I bet you can find your table now! Take a minute to throw your table cloth in the wash.

You can take a step back and breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your dining room is ready to wow your guests. Take a minute to spread that table cloth and add a decorative centerpiece. You're all set!

Give your dishes and wine glasses a good rinse, then set the table.

Now you can have a Latte on Thursday morning while you wait for the turkey to rest instead of scrambling to throw everything from the dining room into the coat closet.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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